Tilal Mall to open its doors in 2019


Sharjah — with its rich heritage, and dedication to excellence for its people —is particularly fertile ground, with incredible developments constantly emerging. Tilal City is one such project. A 25 million sq. ft. development of living, commercial, retail, leisure, and working spaces.

Home to 65,000 residents, Tilal City offers a number of fantastic amenities that will complement the world-class facilities of Nasma Residences. Tilal Mall, a destination development with a large number of family entertainment and dining experiences, will span more than 2 million sq. ft. also boasting a tier one hotel and resort on the property.


Currently in the process of development, the Sharjah Convention Centre will create a world-class arena of approximately 645,800 sq. ft. for international exhibitions and cultural attractions. The Sharjah Convention Centre’s expansive development will be the hub of the Emirate’s many events that take place throughout the year. ‘

The globally recognized Sharjah International Book Fair, now in its 35th year, will permanently take place at the Sharjah Convention Centre beginning with the November 2017 edition. As well as the venue, there will be a luxury resort hotel, a business hotel, and facilities such as car parking
and an F&B plaza, all designed to accommodate the masses of international and local visitors the center will attract.


If you’re looking to call Nasma Residences your home, call 800-ARADA (27232) or  get in touch. Nasma Residences is the promise of a true community, a place that you can call home, in the middle of a vibrant emirate that is truly on the rise, not just within the region but on an international scale.

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